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Automatic wrap-arownd case packers

WPS Series

WPS 600R-K - Automatic wrap-around case packer with in-line infeed

The WPS series of automatic wrap-around case packer are suitable for packing a wide range of products in tray, open case, closed case, shelf-ready or display and for meeting the highest production standards and quality regulations.

Its compact design reduces the need for large spaces for installation and the extensive use of high-tech components enables to reach high productions in a short time. The WPS case packers allow to work three different types of cardboard: micro corrugated, corrugated and kraft, and can reach productions up to 25 packs/minute.


Beverage industry (milk, water, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.), preserved foods (tomatoes, pickle, sauces, etc.), edible oil, aerosols, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, shampoo-detergents, oil lubricants, logistic, co-packers.

Power supply220 - 240 / 380 - 415 V
3PH + PE / 3PH
50/60 Hz
Installed power12400 W
Air pressure6 Bar
Required air17 Nl/p*
Speed up to 25 p/min.**
Working board height960 - 1105 mm
Machine size5590 x 2415 mm
h 2190-2335 mm

(*) Normal Iiters per pack.

(**) Packs per minute. The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of material used.


The main innovations of the WPS 600R-K model compared to the rest of the range are represented by the newly-developed carton magazine, which contains pre-glued and already folded cartons instead of open cartons, and by the system used for forming the boxes.

The machine picks up one cardboard at a time by means of a suction cup device that, while moving from the warehouse to the work table, performs a misaligned movement to open the carton before placing it on the work table, where two side flaps hold it in place as it moves towards the loading area.

Subsequently, by means of a motorized push-in device with two axes, the loose product is moved laterally inside the carton to create the pack format selected by the control panel of the case packer. Finally, another device folds and glues the side flaps of the cardboard to make the finished box.