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Greater efficiency with the new XP650 ARX-VS

The production increases by 20%

The packaging industry requires solutions that include concepts aimed at satisfying the demands of the multiple sectors that make it up; combining versatility, efficiency and high performance has become one of the most important factors in the machinery design.

Thinking of these concepts, SMIPACK has developed the new XP650 ARX-VS shrinkwrapper, an evolution of the XP650 ARX model with an increase in production speed of 20% thanks to a motorized 2-axis pusher.

Technical features and advantages

Overlap Shrinkwrapper with automatic grouping and double pusher

  • Sliding protection doors with deceleration device, which allow to:
    • Save space compared to those with traditional opening;
    • Avoid damages to the doors when closing;
    • Protect the operator's safety.
  • Infeed of the product to pack by left or right automatic conveyor, thanks to which the machine can easily comply with any line configuration.
  • Motorized 2-axis pusher controlled by brushless servomotor, which allows to increase the production capacity from 25 to 30 packs/min.
  • Device for the centering of printed film (optional) to get packages with a strong aesthetic impact.

To learn about the other advantages of this new SMIPACK model, we invite you to watch the following video.


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