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Restyling new FW series - a plus of technology and flexibility


The daily evolution of the markets influences the consumption habits of the buyers. As a result, packaging technologies must evolve to continue meeting the demands of different sectors.

The whole FW series has undergone a deep restyling which involves the improvement and modernization of the existing models, as well as the addition of the three machines dedicated to the entry-level sector, already previously presented. These substantial improvements have given the flow pack range a plus in terms of technology, accessibility, ergonomics and flexibility, which allow it to satisfy even the requests of small producers, consequently expanding the market sectors.


Accessibility and ergonomics

The new design includes three fundamental changes that optimize the operator's interaction with the machine:

  • The electrical panel has been moved to the lower/back part.
  • A single door with upward swing opening replaces the sliding door system.
  • On lower reel models, the reel holder has been moved to the outside of the machine.

These changes allow easier access to any component, thus improving the ergonomics performance.


Thanks to the improvements made, performance has been increased while keeping the same technological standards as previous models:

  • Product waste collection drawers positioned inside the machine to facilitate disposal and ensure better cleaning.
  • Improved stability of the winding material during its path and a facilitated calibration process thanks to:
    • pneumatic piston with pressure regulator to adjust the tension of the tensioning bar;
    • increase in the size of the unwinding rollers.
  • Easier longitudinal sealing adjustments and format change by:
    • longitudinal sealing systems integrated with regulators for pressure calibration on the longitudinal sealer wheels;
    • renewed conformer with position indicators with numerical display.
  • New lateral control console with buttons to manage the film unwinding, opening/closing wheels and longitudinal sealer feed.
  • High safety level at performance level D. 
  • Advanced control system inspired by Industry 4.0 principles.

The new FW models standout for their extreme structure compactness which adapts even to small environments while maintaining high efficiency in production processes.


The new FW series will be available for sale from May 2024.

For further information on the renewed series of automatic flow pack machines, and on all other packaging solutions supplied by SMIPACK, we invite you to contact our sales department.

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