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We are pleased to present the new model FP500HS SERVO, another evolution of Smipack range. 

This new model, part of the family of the continuous side sealers on the market since 2011 and that got a considerable worldwide success, distinguishes itself from the existing series for the following features:

  • box motion cycle by self-configuring cam electronics and pursuit of the sealing point controlled by brushless motor;
  • no start/stop of the conveyors that is typical of the machines with intermittent cycle during the sealing phase, this offers considerable advantages in terms of speed and management of the unstable or stacked packs;
  • machine with 3 belts (instead of 2 of the intermittent one);
  • 5 brushless servomotors (3 belts, sealing bar, box motion system);
  • drivers and inverters for all motors;
  • gap among the products directly managed by the sealer (that is the possibility to pack products of different length and different step, adapting the dimension of the film bag);
  • sensible reduction of film scrap thanks to the reduced space between the sealer and the product;
  • improvement of the film bag due to the longitudinal sealer placed before the sealing bar;
  • automatic adjustment of the opening of the cross bar;
  • substantial increase in speed compared to the intermittent cycle version: the standard machine can reach 120 ppm with an A4 format, expandable up to 150 ppm with appropriate special adjustments regarding the infeed/loading conveyors;
  • particularly suitable to work products:
    • at high speed
    • unstable, stacked
    • high and heavy
  • more flexibility compared to the technical specifications of the usable films (polyolefin - polyethylene).

Besides of these features, this machine follows the typical guidelines of Smipack product:

  • touch screen control panel and easy-insight software;
  • easy access for adjustment/maintenance;
  • particular attention to the safety regulations and protections for operators. 

As per the other models 500, this side sealer is equipped with a cross bar of 500 mm and can pack products up to 200 mm height. In order to increase the performances of the side sealer, Smipack has also created a new range of tunnels (mod. T452H and T652H) with the following characteristics:

  • thermal chamber enlarged in length (only T452H);
  • more solid frame, on feet;
  • they can be hooked to to the machine;
  • possibility to offer, as optional: the control by static relays and inverter on tunnel fans in order to improve the management of the temperature and of the air flows and the interfacing of the oven with the machine. 

T452H will not replace the existing T452 that will remain available also in future, while T652H will replace the existing T652, once finished the stock. We would like to remind that the machines can be offered starting from May, while the first deliveries are planned approximately for July 2016.


To receive the quotations, know the available optionals and for any further info you are kindly requested to contact our sales office.

Best regards

Marketing Department
Smipack S.p.A.