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SMI USA Profile



SMI USA, headquartered in Kennesaw, GA, is the North American branch of the Italy-based SMIGROUP. Our focus is to support the marketing and technical service needs of our customers and distributor partners.

  • We have a 4000 sq/ ft technical center and showroom.
  • An extensive inventory of machines and spare parts.
  • Service Technicians on staff dedicated to providing complete after sales support.
  • Sales and Technical service training.

SMIPACK designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of of shrink packaging machines. SMI USA works with our customers to provide innovative solutions to their shrink wrapping needs.

  • SL & S SERIES: All-in-One, chamber style, manual/semi-auto, some available with discharge conveyors.
  • FP SERIES: Semi-automatic and automatic L-sealers.
  • HS SERIES: High speed side seal wrappers, intermittent and continuous motion.
  • FW SERIES: Automatic flow pack machines.
  • BP SERIES: Semi-automatic, automatic and right angle shrink bundle wrappers.
  • XP SERIES: Fully automatic and continuous motion over-wrap (over-lap) shrink bundle wrappers. Can use print registered film or clear film.
  • WPS SERIES: Automatic wrap-around case packers.
  • HA SERIES: Handle applicators. Automatically attaches a handle, a pressure sensitive strip to the leading and trailing side of a packed product.

SMI the Group's parent company, is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of rotary stretch blow molders for the production of plastic packaging, high-speed packaging machines for food and beverages in addition to conveyors and automatic palletizing systems. SMI supplies both simple machines and complete lines for bottling, packaging of beverages and food products for productions up to 50,000 bottles / hour.

  • EBS and ECOBLOC® ERGON: Rotary stretch-blow-molder and integrated systems of stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping liquids. 
  • LSK, CSK, SK ERGON: Film shrink wrappers with in-line infeed. 
  • ASW ERGON: Film shrink wrappers with 90° infeed. 
  • SFP ERGON: Stretch film packers with in-line infeed. 
  • LWP, CWP and WP ERGON: Wrap-around case packers. 
  • ACP ERGON: Pick & place case packer with 90° infeed. 
  • MP ERGON: Overlapping cardboard sleeve packers. 
  • TPP ERGON: Multipack packers with top pad. 
  • CM and LCM ERGON: Combined packers. 
  • DV ERGON: Multilane dividers. 
  • APS ERGON and PACKBLOCK: Automatic palletising systems. 
  • Conveyors and line integration.



The offices and warehouse of SMI USA are located in Kennesaw, near from Atlanta and the main airport. Our SMI USA team provides high quality service in the following activities:

  • Consultative Sales of the machines manufactured by SMI and SMIPACK. We focus on introducing the customer to the most appropriate and innovative solution, to achieve the objectives and technical efficiency required.
  • After-sales technical assistance and maintenance of the machines, carried out by qualified technical engineers.
  • An Inventory of spare parts, with quick delivery times.


1270 Shiloh Road NW, 
Suite 100
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Tel.: +1 404 799 9929

Claudio Salvi - Director
Kevin Lydon - Smipack Sales
Daniel Goncalves - SMI Sales
Mirek Berbeka - Technical Support
Andrew Jobburn - Spare Parts Office